Barry Stephen Personal Training Superteams

Last weekend I had a fantastic time photographing the Barry Stephen Personal Training “Superteams” event. To the casual observer, the aim was clearly to torture the teams as much as possible during a long day of extreme physical challenges. Everyone rose to the challenge and the amount of effort and team spirit was astounding. Together they raised an amazing £3000 for the Leukaemia and lymphoma Research Charity! Here are some pictures from the day but many more can be seen on Barry Stephen’s Facebook page.

Bob_Pack_Photographer_003 Bob_Pack_Photographer_026 Bob_Pack_Photographer_040 Bob_Pack_Photographer_042 Bob_Pack_Photographer_050 Bob_Pack_Photographer_071 Bob_Pack_Photographer_093 Bob_Pack_Photographer_090 Bob_Pack_Photographer_044 Bob_Pack_Photographer_123 Bob_Pack_Photographer_107 Bob_Pack_Photographer_131 Bob_Pack_Photographer_148 Bob_Pack_Photographer_152 Bob_Pack_Photographer_173 Bob_Pack_Photographer_158

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