East of Scotland Kart Club (Plus bonus Supermotos!)

Today I was out at East of Scotland Kart Club at Crail, which was great fun. The speed those little karts get up to is mind blowing! Thrown into the mix, Scottish Supermotos were there as well so gave an opportunity for some different pictures. I’ve included a few pictures here to give a flavour of the racing.

For more information about the racing, when it’s on and where to go, check out their website here.


Barry Stephen Personal Training Superteams

Last weekend I had a fantastic time photographing the Barry Stephen Personal Training “Superteams” event. To the casual observer, the aim was clearly to torture the teams as much as possible during a long day of extreme physical challenges. Everyone rose to the challenge and the amount of effort and team spirit was astounding. Together they raised an amazing £3000 for the Leukaemia and lymphoma Research Charity! Here are some pictures from the day but many more can be seen on Barry Stephen’s Facebook page.

Bob_Pack_Photographer_003 Bob_Pack_Photographer_026 Bob_Pack_Photographer_040 Bob_Pack_Photographer_042 Bob_Pack_Photographer_050 Bob_Pack_Photographer_071 Bob_Pack_Photographer_093 Bob_Pack_Photographer_090 Bob_Pack_Photographer_044 Bob_Pack_Photographer_123 Bob_Pack_Photographer_107 Bob_Pack_Photographer_131 Bob_Pack_Photographer_148 Bob_Pack_Photographer_152 Bob_Pack_Photographer_173 Bob_Pack_Photographer_158

Guy Fawkes Night (i.e. Fireworks) 2014

I realise it’s been too long since I posted anything, but I haven’t been getting as much time with my camera as I would have liked. Last night was Guy Fawkes night in the UK (commonly referred to as ‘Fireworks Night’). It’s always a great time to mess around with a camera, whether trying to get a long exposure of many rockets or even trying to video the whole thing.

Edit: And I’ve just noticed I posted pictures last year of the fireworks too!

This year I decided I was going to try and create a time lapse of the display. It was a boring static one as I’ve never managed to finish my motorised slider but I like what I came away with anyway. No doubt some of the shots would stand on their own as photos, but I’ve done that plenty times so this year the time lapse is the only way that I will release those pictures.

So here we go, enjoy!

Engagement Photoshoot with Lauren and Scott

So it was a little later than intended, but we finally got to have a little photoshoot. It had been planned for earlier in the year but things didn’t work out so this past weekend we managed to get out around Broughty Ferry for some pictures of Lauren and Scott who got engaged on Christmas day! Here are a couple of the pictures from the day, and it was great fun seeing them both.

Lauren and Scott

Lauren and Scott

Scott and Lauren


Having recently returned from a trip to Iceland I’m still working my way through the pictures. I’ve managed to get a few out into the wild so far and they can be seen on my Flickr account. But as more pictures become available I’ll start adding them to this site as well like the Reykjavik panorama below.

I’m quite happy with how this image has come out. Especially considering it’s made of 11 photos taken hand-held. This is the view out across the bay from near the Harpa building.

Reykjavik Panorama

Very Cold Sunset

Tonight I took the opportunity to get out with the camera around sunset time in Tayport, Fife. Out on the beach it was very exposed and the wind was freezing. I still managed to get a few shots. This one is a panorama of 5 photos.

Tay Sunset

Sunset on the Red Planet

I took this shot last Friday from Broughty Ferry. I knew the grad filter I was using would give a colour cast but I wasn’t quite expecting this when I downloaded the pictures. I haven’t emphasised the colours in the picture, just improved the contrast a little for the rocks.

Sunset at Broughty Ferry

Balgay Hill

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to properly get out with my camera. Obviously there’s been the usual Christmas occasions when it’s found its way out of my bag, but other than that I’ve done very little with it recently. I did get a few nice pictures of Christmas decorations but only put the one up on Flickr. Well now I’m back to try and make sure I upload things more often. Starting with a few picture from Balgay Hill in Dundee. I’m lucky enough to have this park and cemetery almost literally on my doorstep!

Water droplet

Dead plant

Rusty railing

Grass in the wind


Well with it coming to the end of November now there is no shortage of ‘interesting’ facial hair going around 🙂

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to grow anything visible within a month so I never try to take part, but several of the guys in the office do. I managed to grab a few today for a quick photo and thought I’d share. Two of them are taking part and the third is doing it out of sympathy.

I’ll let you guess which one that is!




Busy Weekend

Just had a very busy weekend which involved a lot of driving!

After having lunch with my cousin and his new Fiancee, I took them out for a quick, impromptu engagement shoot on Aberdeen beach. To Ross and Sophie, thanks for being good sports and putting up with the cold! I’ll update this post with pictures when I get a chance to go through them.

Edit: Here are some of the pictures of Ross and Sophie!

Ross and Sophie

Ross and Sophie

Ross and Sophie

Ross and Sophie

Ross and Sophie